Greens Herbs

Our customers create amazing dishes using our edible flowers and herbs. We love to share their inspirational ideas.

Greens Customer Stories

Just some of our customers' marvellous creations with edible flowers and herbs.

Since greens was founded in 2008, we have supplied edible flowers and herbs to people all over the UK, for an amazing variety of things. Chefs, artisan bakers, wedding caterers, mixologists, foodies of all sorts. Our edible flowers have made regular appearances on TV, including The Great British Bake Off (remember botanical week in 2016?!), Masterchef, Come Dine With Me and The Chelsea Flower Show. We have also supplied our products for several press and book launches, including Jamie Oliver and The Meringue Girls. They all share with us a love of beautiful, flavoursome and fresh food and drink.

If you have something special in mind, we would love to hear about it, either beforehand, when we will be happy to pick a bespoke selection for you, or after - you can visit our facebook page to post pictures, or contact us via twitter @greens_of_devon or email


Lou Beegan's

Pistachio Orange Blossom Cake with Edible Flowers

Lou is the founder of Bite Entertainment, a boutique catering service for people who want delicious and nutritious bites at their events...

Lou Beegan


Weekend with Edible Flowers

Inspired by a book about vintage tea parties, Lucy ordered a seasonal edible flower selection for a weekend with friends...


Lilly Vanilli's

Crystallised Sugar Flowers

Lilly Vanilli is an artisan baker from London, renown for pioneering cake design, food writing and is a founder member of the Young British Foodies.

Lou Beegan