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How do I order edible flowers?

1. Go to our SHOP or to the product page you like.

2. Click the "ADD TO CART" button, once for each selection you want.

3. Click "VIEW CART", which will lead to a checkout page, where you can pay by card. We use Paypal, but you do not need a Paypal account to make payment.

When will the edible flowers arrive?

You choose a delivery date when you order. Deliveries are before 1pm

How much is postage for edible flowers?

Our postage rates are here, on the shop page.

Can I choose which edible flowers I want?

YES, from March to the end of October - Order a custom selection! You can check our guide to edible flowers if you want to know more about specific varieties.

How are edible flowers delivered?

Our fresh produce deliveries are mostly by Royal Mail. We deliver all over the UK, although deliveries to Scottish islands can be affected by the weather, so do allow for this.They are scheduled to arrive before 1pm, and a signature will be required. Please always use a clear and specific address, including a postcode. If you are not going to be in, it can be delivered to another address, however Royal Mail will not leave it unattended, on the doorstep or elsewhere. 48 hours notice is required for cancellation of orders.

Can I order edible flowers in advance?

Yes. When you order, you select a date for delivery on a calendar. We would strongly advise booking your order and delivery date in advance as much as possible as we get incredibly busy, especially in the summer months and we would hate anyone to be disappointed.

How many boxes of edible flowers should I order?

With approximately 60 flowers per box, it depends on how you intend to distribute them. If you were to put 3-4 flowers on a cupcake, you could decorate about 15 cupcakes with one box of flowers. For a large tiered wedding cake, you are more likely to need a minimum of 4 boxes, or you may wish to have bigger blooms to create a real showstopper, in which case it is best to choose our big topper selection, along with our regular edible flower selections. For a wedding party with flowers for every dish, 8-10 boxes is standard.

How long will the edible flowers last?

Some edible flowers last longer than others. For example, tagetes can last up to 5 days if they remain in the box, unopened in the fridge. Others, such as borage, will dehydrate more quickly, and need to be used within a day or two of picking. We have designed and developed packaging specially for our flowers, which protect and preserve them for as long as possible, but they are still natural products with idiosyncrasies. The flowers should be placed on food as close to presentation as possible, as once they are open to the air they will begin to dehydrate. For wedding cakes, we recommend decorating on the morning of the wedding.

Which days of the week do you supply edible flowers?

We deliver on Tuesdays,Thursdays and Fridays.

How quickly can you deliver edible flowers?

Our orders are delivered before 1pm, anywhere in the UK. You can order in advance, up to 08:00 the day before.

Can I really eat all these edible flowers?

YES you can eat these flowers. The varieties are selected specially for their edible attributes. Some you can eat whole, such as the nasturtium, others are best when their petals are used separately, for example the calendula.

Do the edible flowers taste good?

Yes, we work hard to grow flowers that have flavour as well as looking great. For example, nasturtium flowers are strong and peppery, pea flowers taste of fresh garden peas, and pineapple sage flower tastes of...pineapple! You can see more information on this on our guide to edible flowers.

Are ALL flowers edible?

NO. The Foxglove for example, is very poisonous. Flowers that have been sprayed with any sort of pesticide or herbicide are toxic, and should not be used near food. Don't use flowers from a florist unless you are certain they have not been sprayed.

Do you grow all your edible flowers?

Yes. We grow all the flowers we sell, sustainably, without the use of sprays or chemicals. We are constantly researching and trialling new varieties and we select and pick them to order.

Are you a big corporation pretending to be a family firm?

NO. We are the genuine article: a small family business, started from scratch, working very hard to produce great stuff in a sustainable way from the country we live in.

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