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Customer Story Lily Vanilli
Crystallised Sugar Flowers
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picture: Lily Vanilli's Sweet Tooth

Lily Vanilli's Crystallised Flowers

From the book Sweet tooth

Preparation Time:
10 Minutes plus drying time

Handful of edible flowers
1 - 2 egg whites, loosened with a few drops of water, approximately 4 drops per white
Small bowl of caster sugar.
One baking tray, lined. A fine paintbrush.




Lilly Vanilli is an artisan baker from London, renown for pioneering cake design, food writing and is a founder member of the Young British Foodies

We were delighted to supply Lily in 2012 with a bespoke selection of flowers, which she crystallised and used in her latest book Sweet Tooth, as a showcase example of edible flowers in baking.

Crystallising flowers is a great way of working with them. Encrusted with sugar crystals, they are transformed into a confectionary, perfect for adorning cakes, cookies and truffles.

To learn more about the crystallising process, we recommend Lily's book Sweet Tooth (buy online here). It's a fantastic book all about the art of making sweet things, from cakes to custard tarts, and we use it a lot in our home kitchen.


1. Clip the flower stems as close to the base as possible and snip away the sepals (the green pockets on the back of the flower). Place a flower on your prepared tray and use the paintbrush to coat with the egg white, making sure you are thorough. Brush away any excess egg white. Hold the flower by what's left of the stem over the sugar bowl and sprinkle generously with sugar. Turn it over and shake gently to release any excess sugar.

2. Do the same for the back of the flower making sure the entire flower is coated, as this will preserve it. Place it face up on the baking tray. repeat with the other flowers, and when you are done, put them in a cool, dark, dry, place overnight or until the flowers feel crisp to the touch. Store them in an airtight container.