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Our customers create amazing dishes using our edible flowers and herbs. We love to share their inspirational ideas.

Customer Story Lucy's
Weekend with Edible Flowers

Above: Cocktails with purple viola.
Below: Bucks Fizz with cornflower, dianthus, viola
and french marigolds

Bucks fizz


Lucy writes a cool blog Capture by Lucy, which charts her life as a mother, wife and photographer, full of the joys of life: walks in the country and seaside, bento boxes, craft projects - the things that make for a great busy family life with two young sons.

Inspired by a book about vintage tea parties, Lucy ordered a seasonal edible flower selection for a weekend with friends. As she says: It doesn't have to be just for a wedding - something we wholeheartedly agree with!

It doesn't have to be just for a wedding
- @CapturebyLucy
Flower box

Look what arrived Friday morning!

We were very impressed with the imaginative ways Lucy used our flowers, how she created a weekend's worth of delight from just one selection box, showcasing the versatility of edible flowers, and how well our unique packaging keeps them.

The flowers were picked and sent out Thursday afternoon, on our standard overnight delivery, and we were delighted to pick up Lucy's first tweet about them on Friday morning.



As the weekend passed, we saw (via twitter) our flowers used in all sorts of ways, including: Bucks Fizz and other cocktails, adorned with cornflowers, dianthus and violas; sandwiches lovingly prepared with colourful blooms peeking out to tempt and delight and salads strewn with flowers to really make them special.

We love to be part of our customer's celebrations, or just a fun weekend! And it's easy: just as a bouquet of flowers brightens your house, so edible flowers effortlessly bring nature's glorious colours to your kitchen, cocktail bar and table or picnic blanket.