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edible flowers for cakes

Edible Flowers and baking is a match made in heaven.

a delicious, moist cake marks a celebration - weddings, birthdays, christenings, graduations, tea parties: the list is endless. when we first started using edible flowers on our cakes we realised how effortlessly beautiful and lovely they are, and how perfectly appropriate for cookery that is all about sheer enjoyment

using edible flowers to make cakes could not be easier, or more fun - just check out some of our and our customers' amazing creations on our Pinterest board to the right!

some like to crystallise the flowers in sugar, using egg white painted on to the petals by hand, followed by a light dusting of sugar and setting in a very low oven, creating a crunchy floral sweet, a peerless combo of nature and artifice.

others prefer their flowers au naturel, which suits larger flowers such as the nasturtium or crocus, lying languidly on a buttercream icing

however you do it, you won't go wrong - edible flowers will make your cakes, biscuits, petit fours and patisserie delightful, because a flower topping shows how much heart and soul you put into your creation

watch our video below to see exactly how to make a beautiful rose petal cake, one of the most beautifully sweet and fragrant cakes we have ever tried. we made it using our rose petal selection box, which is full of our hand-selected, freshly picked rose petals and our blue cornflower petals. the cake is amazing, and the recipe and method are shown right here in this video

rose petal selection


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