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edible flowers growing in a greens of devon polytunnel - July 2013


One of our lovely visitors, gorging on nectar from the flowers.

Greens of Devon is a rural family micro-business, established in 2008, alongside a new vineyard near Silverton, in Devon. All the work is done by two partners, Ivan and Janice, of which Janice does the growing and picking, as well as constantly researching new and special varieties. You can email her on to find out what's looking great right now! Ivan is the ideas and design man, with ambitions to make a great sparkling wine from the vines. We have personally always used organic methods to grow our own food, and we use absolutely no pesticides or herbicides on any Greens of Devon produce.

We started Greens of Devon from our love of horticulture, having grown vegetables, herbs and edible flowers for years, on our allotment. Twice per year some good friends help us in the vineyard, (see pic right) but we know how important it is to maintain direct contact with the flowers we grow, and the great people who buy from us, so every order is personally overseen and monitored from the ground to kitchen. We really enjoy finding out where and how our flowers get used, and our customers include chefs at Michelin-Starred restaurants, artisan bakers, and people with wonderful creative instincts, who love the food they make to be beautiful. Why not visit our Facebook page and say hi?

We want to increase biodiversity on our land, so we allow our flowers and herbs to grow through their complete lifecycle. This provides habitat and food for bees, insects and other small creatures from our plants' nectar and leaves, has negligible impact on our yields, and means our production is a healthy part of the food pyramid. We leave parts of our land fallow, and we use natural methods in our vine planting, which has never been sprayed with any chemicals, leaving grass and thistles to flower, providing food and habitat for many creatures. We have been delighted to take part in the Life in the Vines study conducted by the University of Exeter and Colyton Grammar School, which surveyed and analysed the biodiversity on our land, and from which we have learned a lot.

We collect and plant our own seed, and we compost plants at the end of their natural life, continually recycling vegetative matter in an (almost) closed loop. We don't use artificial light or heat, so our energy use is close to zero. We don't use the intensive methods of some herb and flower growers - we practice companion planting rather than monoculture, and we always prefer to work with natural cycles rather than against them. This means shorter seasons for us for some produce, and we think that's the right way to do it. For fertiliser and soil improvement we use only organic manure from a nearby farmer, and compost which is locally sourced. We have been rewarded in recent years by the appearance of skylarks, stonechats, dozens of buzzards and even a red kite, not to mention the bats and swallows that swoop around our beautiful corner of Devon.

If you would like to order some flowers or herbs, we have made our webshop as easy as possible to use. You can tell us what colours or flavours you would like, or just tell us what you are making and we will be happy to make a suggestion. Your bespoke selection of flowers will be sealed in our unique packaging to keep it perfectly fresh, and your order will be with you within 24 hours. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

Janice and Ivan

Greens of Devon