Greens Herbs

Everything is grown and selected by us, by hand.
For a special event, please call us in advance and we can pick flavours or colours just for you.

Garnish Box

edible flower and herb

Fresh herbs and flowers bring life and health to your table.

There can be few fragrances as evocative of summer as fresh cut basil, or as aromatic as dill, thyme or oregano. Add the sweetness of edible flowers or the piquancy of wild garlic and you are working with the best flavours nature gives.

We grow all our herbs and edible flowers ourselves, by hand. We grow varieties chosen for flavour, colour and crunch.Our selections are truly seasonal to ensure produce is at its best.


chef's garnish box

1-3 Boxes £14.95
4-6 Boxes £13.95
7-9 Boxes £13.50

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