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Coriander and Avocado Salsa

Coriander is happiest growing in the cooler temperatures of spring and autumn, which is great because it gives you a taste of summer days just when you need'em. We use greens coriander torn on to dishes from east and west and love it. If it is in season we use coriander in our fresh herb selection.


This recipe is one of our favourite, go-to coriander treats, a fabulous appetizer that brings a buzz to your table. Match with crunchy tortillas & aromatic wine.

2 Avocadoes
Fresh Tomatoes
Fresh Red chillies to taste - be brave!
1 Small Onion
A lovely big handful of rampantly fresh coriander
Juice of a lime or two


Chop the onion and chilli fine. Cut everything else chunky. Mix em up with lime juice. Scoop up in a tortilla and enjoy!

Also: try with sour cream and chicken in fajitas, or as a good companion to any rice dish

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