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bourbon myth cocktail
bourbon myth cocktail 1956 desoto

Bourbon Myth Cocktail

bourbon myth cocktailescape and indulge yourself with this delicious mix.. bourbon whisky with lavender and lemon..If you like your liquor with fresh summer fragrances you'll love this one!


Ingredients for 4-6 cocktails

60 ml / 2 fl oz Bourbon, e.g. Canadian Club

60ml / 2 fl oz Lavender sugar syrup - see method below.

30ml / 1 fl oz fresh lemon juice - probably 2 good size lemons.

fragrant flowers and lavender heads from Greens of Devon Cocktail Selection Box to garnish

lots of ice


for the lavender sugar syrup: heat a handful of lavender heads in a few cups of water, gently bringing them to the boil, then leaving to steep for 10 minutes before straining. you will have a lavender tea. add an equal volume of sugar to the tea and heat again, until the sugar is dissolved. allow the mixture to cool et voila: lavender sugar syrup.

for the mix half-fill your shaker (whatever it may be) with ice, and pour the ingredients over it. put ice in your glasses to chill them, wrap the shaker in a tea towel and shake it to break the ice through the mix. empty your glasses of ice and strain your cocktail into them

for the garnish be as fancy as you like - snapdragon flowers on the rim of the cocktail glass, tiny lavender flowers and or blossoms from the selection floating on the surface of the drink - be creative and have fun!


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