The finest edible flowers and herbs. Hand picked just for you!
Elderflower champagne

mix edible flowers and herbs to easily create ...

classy cocktails

great cocktails are like alchemy, ingredients in perfect balance - edible flowers bring the zing to make your guests smile

Edible Flower Tulip Canapes

Edible Flowers and Herbs make...

stunning contemporary dishes

bring the style of a masterchef to your cooking. Colourful petals such as tulip, chrysanthemum, dahlia and tagetes bring flashes of elegance and colour that lift presentation from good to exceptional. Your guests will be delighted, and the excitement and curiosity of something so beautiful on a plate has to be seen to be believed!

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edible flower ice cubes

Edible Flowers and Herbs make...

spectacular ice cubes and ice lollies

freeze edible flowers in ice to make the ultimate frozen ingredient for cocktails, sangria or any summer drinks - pitchers of juice, lemonade or just water are transformed by the prettiest ingredient we know. ice lollies made with edible flower petals are delightful!

chocolate edible flower truffles

Edible Flowers and Herbs make...

delightful desserts and sweets

colourful, pretty and playful, edible flowers make sweet treats exquisite. There is no need for garish icing when you can easily use nature's colours to make an indulgence simply beautiful. You can also crystallise our flowers in your own kitchen, and make them sweets in their own right!


bake with edible flowers and herbs ...

amazing cakes

fragrant, light and full of colour, flowers and herbs make cakes and cupcakes spectacular. Edible flowers for wedding cakes are perfect for that most joyous of days!

Edible Flower Salad

use edible flowers and herbs in ...

fresh and beautiful salads

add colour vibrancy and flavour to green salads, from the subtle sweetness of the viola to the peppery punch of a nasturtium.

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rice with flowers and pomegranate

Edible Flowers and Herbs make...

awesome vegan and vegetarian food

the delicacy of edible flowers, a vegan product, works brilliantly in vegetarian food.


Edible Flowers and Herbs make...

fantastic baking

herbs and edible flowers are perfect to include in breads, scones, biscuits, pizza, and all forms of baking, as they bring flavour, lightness, texture and colour.

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Growing flower selection greenhouse

Fresh edible flowers and herbs, direct from Devon

Edible flowers are the natural way to bring a stunning finish to the food and drink you love. All our herbs, edible flowers and garnishes are grown naturally, without the use of pesticides or herbicides in the UK, on our family vineyard in Devon.

We deliver all over the UK, supplying homes, restaurants, cocktail bars, supper clubs and wedding parties with our beautiful edible flowers, herbs and garnishes to adorn cakes, cocktails and canapes.

We only pick the best of what is seasonally available, with next day delivery ensuring a gorgeous selection can be in your kitchen in London, Edinburgh or Brighton at the click of a button!
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